Hi there!

Heather Love: wife, mother, Californian turned Chicagoan, extrovert, seven that wings eight (for my fellow enneagram nerds), and ESFP (for the Myers Briggs nerds).

I’m usually the first person on the dance floor, I’m always up for adventure, I’m a huge Jane Austen fan (I read Pride & Prejudice every year), and I’m a Harry Potter fan too (for both my Myers Briggs nerds and my Harry Potter nerds).

With me, you get a super encourager, an honest soul, and the kind of lady who gets a kick out of being weird in public (just ask my husband). And above all, I am a loved daughter of God.

When it comes to my photography I'm a #nofilter lifestyle photographer. What does that mean? It means, I strive to capture the real you, not the over posed perfect looking family. My photojournalism background has a lot to do with how I approach my photo sessions. I want my images to show my clients true personality. I hope my images show what you are passionate about, who you love, how you love and what you are about. I love to collaborate with your ideas and truly get to know you.

I work mostly in the Chicago area, but I do love to travel.