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Jan 18, 2010
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The Fox theater opened in Riverside in 1929 as a movie theater. It was often used by studios to preview new movies. The Fox Theater was the first theater to show Gone with the Wind and Miss Scarlet even made an appearance.

The theater wasn’t making enough money to stay open, so they closed it in 1992.

On January 15th 2010 it was re-opened as a performance theater. It was renovated head to toe! My husband and I went for a tour on Sunday. I brought my camera along to document this big part of Riverside history.

There was a little car show out front of cars that would have been around when the Fox Theater first opened!

Sheryl Crow will be the opening act on January 22nd and 23rd .
My husband and I plan on seeing Natalie Cole there on February 13.
I can’t wait.
Go to
to see the line up!

Jan 12, 2010
The sky was so vibrant the other night. I had to share!