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Nov 13, 2011

Tony and Rachel are like family. We have known them for about 3 years and it was like an instant connection. They are so open and honest.

Well they told us they were going to renew their vows for their ten year wedding anniversary and that they wanted me to take pictures of the ceremony. Of course I said yes., but they had trouble finding a pastor to do the ceremony and actually gave-up on doing a ceremony. I received a text from Rachel on a Monday saying that they are going to do the ceremony after all in a side room in our church on this coming Sunday. After all the fuss they finally got to do an intimate ceremony.


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Rachel forgot her vows and told Tony that someone had to get them out of her purse in her car.



I told them they couldn’t just have pictures from the ceremony and that we had to take some fun pictures outside.




I love these guys and I can’t wait for the next ten years!

<3 Heather