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Mar 28, 2016

I have a great friend who suggested that we swap kids once a week to give each of us a break. Genius!

So on Mondays I watch her 3 year old daughter Anya and on Fridays she watches my 2 year old son Desmond. I have started to take pictures of these two kids shenanigans on Mondays and I thought I would do a weekly post.

Here’s some background: they call each other things like “cutie butt”, “friend”and “frienemy”. Every morning Desmond wakes up telling me that he’s going to marry Anya. Anya grabs Desmonds hand during church and dances with him. It’s pretty cute to watch, but they also torture each other to no end. They are toddlers.

Last week Anya woke Desmond up from his nap, which he requests daily, and the two of them sat on my bed having the sweetest interaction.


MM-1 MM-2 MM-3

They are best! I hope to post every Monday.

Mar 08, 2016

Since today we are celebrating women all over the world I decided to share pictures of my lovely and inspiring friend Tawny B.

Tawny loves to laugh, work hard, write, tell hard truths, teach, and travel. Lots of “Ts” there haha. I’m grateful to have such a great friend who encourages me while we sit on the kitchen floor until all hours of the night drinking tea.

Setting goals and meeting them is one of her specialties. Every year she makes list of things she aspires to do based on her age and she also reads that many books. Last year Tawny decided to step up her work outs for her health and she’s killing it by loosing over 25 lbs and counting.

If you ever meet Tawny she will tell you of these crazy stories of her encounters with the most random people. People who you think she would never interact with e.g. celebrities, nuns, homeless people, thugs on the train and so many other people. God has given her the gift of divine appointments. She also has no idea that these encounters are crazy.

This is Tawny






She also shares my love for Jane Austen and we often have Austen gatherings with friends and tea. So pinkies up!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Mar 01, 2016

This family is one of my favorite families in Chicago. They have been such a blessing as friends, neighbors and support. They recently added a sweet baby girl to their family right before Valentine’s day.

babyGiven-3 copy

This family not only loves their neighbors and the friends like family, but they also have a heart for orphans in South Africa and count them as their family too. On the wall behind them is their extended family.

babyGiven-7 copy2 babyGiven-16 copy babyGiven-36 copy babyGiven-42_2 copy babyGiven-47 copy babyGiven-59 copy

Big sister Halle loves Given. babyGiven-66 copy
babyGiven-76 copy babyGiven-82_2 copy babyGiven-98_2 copy babyGiven-99_2 copy

Congratulations friends! Given is a gift!