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Aug 23, 2016


Our little family at Camp


My husband has this best friend from high school who my son calls “Uncle Eric” and is basically family. Eric was born in New York and has spent a good chunk of his life in New York and now lives in Brooklyn. Ever since High school and College Eric has been trying to get my husband, Nick, and later me to go to his family lake house in north country New York. At the time we first heard about this lake house or as Eric’s family calls it “camp,” we lived in Southern California-the complete opposite side of the country. So we always said one day we will make the trip. We moved to Chicago in 2013 and thought hey we are way closer to the lake house. This year we decided to do it! I looked up the distance, 901 miles, the time it  would take driving, 14 hrs, and all the little expenses. It was totally do-able. My hubby was still on the fence because he really likes to save money and not spend it ;). As the good spiritual leader he is, he suggested we pray about it and make sure it was something we should be doing. We heard that yes we should be going and that God had the cost of the trip provided for. What?! Okay.


Nick and Eric


Two days later I get a call from Eric saying ” Hello, Heather Allison Love Photography Studio.” This greeting was crazy to me because we had been praying about me having a studio. See this post for that answered prayer. He called to tell me that his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary was this year and that his family wanted to go all out to celebrate them at the camp in July. His mom suggested getting a photographer and he threw my name into the ring. Of course I said yes and the cost of the job paid for our vacation to the camp so we could enjoy some much needed rest and time with friends! Isn’t that crazy?! You guys, God is amazing and he hears us when we call.


The first leg of our trip from Chicago to Buffalo


Desmond loved his hotel bed in Buffalo. He jumped up and down yelling “I love my bed”

We had the best buffalo wings of our lives at Duffs! So crispy!


We woke up early the second day to check out the Niagara Falls and say hello to Canada.


Then we drove for another 8 hours to Camp

It’s lovely right. No WiFi barely any cell phone service and quiet.


My husband resting from our long drive with friends, Corey and Eric.

Our friend Corey drove up from Texas.


I feel like very camp ground or mountain town has its own great ice cream place. Camp was no different with some awesome s’mores ice cream.

This is only the first two days of our trip. I’ll have more to post soon.

Aug 14, 2016

This is what 60 years of marriage looks like for John and Grace…Uhlig60th_0070bw Uhlig60th_0071bwit’s full of laughter and jokes.