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Sep 27, 2016

After pre-school we headed over to the Garfield Park Conservatory and took live moss off the walls, threw rocks and ran into art students.2mmconweb-1 2mmconweb-2 2mmconweb-3

In the cactus area Anya got a little too close to a pokey plant šŸ˜‰

Art students everywhere we went.2mmconweb-5 2mmconweb-6 2mmconweb-7 2mmconweb-8


Sweet Anya is always giving me flowers!2mmconweb-10 2mmconweb-11

Sitting for awhile….2mmconweb-12

…then jumping away2mmconweb-13

About to jump again.2mmconweb-14

A plant fell over and Desmond ran over to fix it. Eventually we all got in on it. It was too heavy.2mmconweb-15 2mmconweb-16

“Heather! Take a Picture!”2mmconweb-17

Squishy ferns2mmconweb-18 2mmconweb-19 2mmconweb-20Anya was trying to push Desmond out of the picture. Friendship! haha

Sep 08, 2016

Today I want to share a beautiful birth with you.

WARNING there is nudity andĀ images of the baby being birthed. I think there are only two of these images, but I wanted to make sure you were prepared. šŸ˜‰
RLPweb-1 RLPweb-2 RLPweb-3

I spy a little prince tattoo on her right ankle. <3RLPweb-4 RLPweb-5 RLPweb-8 RLPweb-9

AĀ little bit of rest before the pushing startsRLPweb-10 RLPweb-12 RLPweb-19

Dad can see baby!

RLPweb-27 RLPweb-34 RLPweb-42

Peaceful love!
RLPweb-56 RLPweb-58 RLPweb-62 RLPweb-69 RLPweb-72 RLPweb-85

The placenta that gave life to Royce while he was in the womb. So crazy!RLPweb-87 RLPweb-90 RLPweb-93 RLPweb-97 RLPweb-99 RLPweb-103 RLPweb-110 RLPweb-115 RLPweb-118 RLPweb-121 RLPweb-122 RLPweb-129 RLPweb-134

This family was amazing. So much love and laughter. It wasĀ beautiful! Thank you and congratulations!