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Nov 13, 2016

Here’s something soothing and slow pace for you Sunday.

When we went to New York to spend the week with some of our oldest friends we were invited to go to a farm in Vermont. Our friend Eric works for the Brooklyn Flea and he found out that one of the vendors he works with has his farm not too far from where we were staying in New York. Eric thought it would be a lot of fun for his nephew and Desmond to see this awesome farm. We  traveled over by car and ferry to Starksboro, Vermont to Rockville Market Farm.

Farm-1 Farm-2 Farm-3 Farm-5

Desmond and Eric’s nephew, Lincoln, running to see the chickens.Farm-6 Farm-7 Farm-8 Farm-9 Farm-10 Farm-11 Farm-12 Farm-14 Farm-15 Farm-16
Farm-18 Farm-20

Desmond throwing a hangry fit while I take pictures.


They live on the top of the barn and work no the bottom.
Farm-22They made us maple lemonade! So good! It’s Vermont, there’s maple in everything.

Farm-23 Farm-24 Farm-25

We are fresh and i mean fresh lettuce from the farm.On the back of that plate is a donut. At the Flea Market this farm is known for their butternut squash maple donuts. You heard me right and they are delicious! Farm-26 Farm-27This is the owners new creation: a hot dog boiled in maple syrup and then maple syrup poured all over it! I’m telling you maple syrup was everywhere and I wasn’t sad about it.


Desmond loved spending time with all the farm animals.
Farm-29 Farm-30 Farm-31 Farm-32

And the tire swing was a big hit too. hahah. Thanks for having us Rockville Market Farm!