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Mar 18, 2014

Our little family moved to Chicago in December and we are just now getting settled in. It has been two months of snow and temperatures from 41 to -12 degrees. Quite the shock for us. My husband is loving this weather. He will soon be that guy you see walking down the street in shorts in 10 degree weather.


^^this our front yard. Yard? I know. I would have never thought we would have a yard living in the city.

I recently joined a few Meetup groups to meet new people and make friends in Chicago. One of those groups is a meetup for street photography! Yep, I’m cool like that. I’m not talking street fashion photography, but nitty gritty real life street photography. Think Lupe Fiasco. My first Meetup was to ride the Red Line-south to 95th. I was super stoked. Not only am I going to meet new people with the same interest as me, but I’m going to south Chicago! South Chicago is supposed to be scary. Like people get shot in gang drive-byes all the time. Everyone I know that lives in Chicago looks at the South side like a place you just do not go. My husband and I wish we were daring enough to live there not because we want to live on the wild side, but because the south side needs love and care. The south side has a lot of poverty, gangs and people with out hope. One day my hubby and I want to be apart of the Downward Mobilization movement. But that’s a whole other blog post. So my friend Rachel and I rode the Blue Line into the Loop and tried to meet the group of photographers who were going to ride the Red Line-south, but I’m not quite used to taking transit yet and we showed up 20 minutes late and missed the group. We decided to do the adventure anyway! Here’s a few images from our ride. I used my edge 80Lensbaby just to get some more practice in with it.





^^My lovely friend Rachel


^^My new city!


^^These buildings has a special place in my heart because they look like the ones used in the movie Stranger Than Fiction. It’s the apartments of the IRS friend.


So that was my little trip. our Street Photography group is going to ride all the El trains in Chicago this year and that makes me super happy. See map of all the El Trains here.


P.S. Proud mom moment- I edited all the images and wrote most of the blog one handed and with a sleeping 8 month old on my lap!