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Feb 11, 2015

Winter in Chicago is a little isolating, so I use my time to hang out with my little man. Here’s a little documentation of our past two months.

desmond blog2 (4 of 13) copy

desmond blog2 (3 of 13) copy

Melissa's bday (12 of 14)

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desmond blog (14 of 18)

desmond blog (1 of 18) - Copy

ca trip (6 of 33)


A little California sun for a week and a ride on dads old skateboard.
ca trip (13 of 33)

Des and Quinn (10 of 37)


How BA does he look in the Marlon Brando biker pose eating bacon on his scooter?
Des and Quinn (37 of 37)

Des and Quinn (33 of 37)

This last one is my favorite. He got out of the sled, so he could pull his girlfriend down the side walk.