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Jun 26, 2018

I have been capturing curlies in the wild of Chicago. We are taking That Curly Life to the streets. My first stop was  Fiestas Puertorriqueñas or The Puerto Rican Festival in Humboldt Park.  I think it’s so much more fun to meet people where they are.

Fun loving Kynalle, Raven, Cora and Aleisha.

Concert buddies Moe sand Marta.Always getting compliments Elymar.Curl Squad Anaiss, Kalyssa and Kayla

Merci! Nothing in her hair!Biker babes Kathy, Yaya and Jazi.

Last, but not least Jonathan and Angie the couple who competes over who’s hair is curlier.

What festivals are you going to this summer?

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