That Curly Life

I grew up trying to figure out my curly hair all by myself. My sister also had curly hair, but her curls were completely different than mine and she didn't give a hoot about her hair. Sure, my dad sat us both down once a week to detangle our hair, but that was about all our hair had in common. My mom wore her, I’m assuming 4b or 4c, hair straight ever since I was a baby. As I interacted with more curlies in my hair journey I learned new tips and tricks to move my hair into its best curl.

For three years I had been wanting to interview other curlies and hear their stories about their big chop, how they freed their hair, what didn't work for them and what they were told about their hair. I had a friend tell me to take a risk and that is how That Curly Life was born.

These videos feature curlies I have met along the way and what they have to say about having curly hair. See more video interviews here. You can also see all portraits that I have created on my blog.

If you have a curly story that you want to share contact me.